Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Vinyl For Glass

Break the beat of the gunshot
Clap clap fuzz
Five year ashes falling down and filtered out

Synthesizer punching ear to ear
Piano wrath slid to the teeth
Just a click to the world
And leave the nerve water behind

Thursday, May 15, 2008


The blade goes in slow as a kiss, her skin like wet paper with a pen across it. The ink seeps through her fibers a spreading flame taking secrets between them. Down to the ground, gentle, holding in close one more time. A deep voice whispering, “It was her.”

Sunday, May 11, 2008


In nervous fatalism he crept
pulling himself down the streets
looking for eyes to win over
and push in

When he found one old enough
and she lit up at him
his return smile meant
I'm sorry

Thursday, May 08, 2008


Across thick tableau the gray trees stood,
Arthritic spines carved in scars and
Blue-green canopies into
Filthy question marks.

Holding close the cold bodies and nests,
Designed of fallen pieces, with skills born to ancient brains
While the roots grabbed and spun, eating earth,
Squeezing water through arms painted in scape and bacterium.

The seeds fell, the petals sank, the wind with it's tongue in everything.

The man stood above them wearing anti-suit,
Whitened teeth auto-dialing his wife to electro-disappoint his kids.

Telling them he couldn't make it home,
Blaming it on traffic when all he wanted
Was one lousy handjob
From the shorter of the two masseuses.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Spider Queen, Carved in Neon

Fighting squalor to the faller, meningitis hooks breathe deep to the sea in no time. Bring the light to the dust of the child, flailing in brothers. Mincing worms to bring new rain. Planets cracked to eggs, dirt forming around the edges to show where the ghosts have brushed against. He sets a flame to rest, the knowledge, the schooling of a warmer time to sizes and sixes. Gas stations closing in like metal teeth, gasoline spit onto gasoline. When night bleeds it bleeds insects, when daylight bleeds it pretends not to. When the avalanche comes, make sure to shine. If you can't shine, make sure no one survives. A woman came from the ground and spit out moss. A man telling a story said, "When it ran it ran higher, into the sky, across the snow and into hieroglyphs. Caged and curious, we all sang to it and made sure it felt the way we felt right before we died. It should know, language or not, it should know that this is a lie and no one was ever born and nothing can kill what never lived." Files reviewed, there was no mouth and so no rape. The bandages cleared blame, detectors fit to the teeth and parades calling down knife rain. Winter fucked Summer, that's why they Fall. Winter fucked Summer, that's why they Fall. Spring watched like watch springs, lending eyes to the essay. When they said to show all work, he ripped out his skeleton and they laughed all the way to offices. If paper could catch it all it wouldn't be worth keeping around. Dance step murder. Two-timing swords of afterbirth, bags of powder to twitch in. His fists shit wrists. Mother of God. Madre de Dio, sus punos mierda munecas. Mirror-vomit translated and trial-sized children. If the gun doesn't know, I wouldn't go telling.