Wednesday, December 29, 2010

This Woman

Woman I know
Woman I know
There's a woman I know with glass in her eyes, this woman I know
She has contacts made of mirror shards
She had them made this woman made them special order so she can see you, so you can see your faults See what's wrong with you
But never with her
This woman I know, she had them made, like the hair on her head this woman had it made
Had it made so she can wear her old self the previous self the younger woman
What she looked like before the baby came and ruined her complexion
The child who can't speak except to cry
This woman
This woman I know
Her husband doesn't want any more children
Because of that boy
Because of her
It's all the same anyway hey if it's not his motorcycle hey
His motorcycle, his precious baby, all cherry red,
Had it made special order so they could shout at each other across its cherry red chassis
When she hears the motor running she knows not to knock, just keep making the dinner he disapproves of over
Bedtime kisses and
Prodding of
Just one more kid, one more kid, this time we can get it right, this time they can get it right,
Just one more kid
One more time
They can have it made, special order, have mirror glass inserted in his eyes, in her eyes, beggars can't be choosers
As long as it's healthy that's all that matters
As long as it speaks that's all that matters
As long as she likes to cook
As long as he fixes motorcycles
Beggars can't be choosers when they have alleys like this
This woman I know
Her appetite runs heavy and her
Smile runs thick
This woman I know, she takes classes and likes perfume
And if you met her in any other spot you might come to like her
But you met her in this one, same as I, and you looked into her eyes and you saw the mirrors
Not the reflection like she'd hoped you would
But the mirrors themselves
Let her lottery ticket come up
Let her rave diet work like a charm
Let her ovaries unwrap and spit like a viper
Let her become this woman she knew
This woman I know