Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Mountain and The City Coming to Audiobook

Thanks to ACX, I can officially say that my first audiobook goes into production starting Monday. Sometime by Christmas you'll be able to listen to The Mountain and The City: The Complete Saga in its entirety.

The book will be voiced by the talented Victoria Smart, @smartvic on Twitter, and if what I've heard so far is any indication, it promises to be a unique and emotional ride, a real performance rather than a simple reading. I'm probably anticipating this project more than anyone else, because I'm looking forward to being able to experience one of my novels without having to look at the actual text, which more than anything becomes a regret-fest: "Why did I put that comma there?" "Did that dialogue really need a character tag?" These are the things that clench my stomach and ruin my afternoon, and if it sounds a little excessive, all I can say is, A) it probably is and B) that's fine, and I hear you, I do, but I can't do anything about it. Audio has a great way of wiping all that aside by making it real. Hearing an actor perform your work is usually equal parts terrifying and exciting, but in the rights hands it can lean joyfully toward the exciting. Thankfully, I found the right hands.

I'll update when there's an update. Until then.