Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Expand and Contract

An announcement to share with my friends and fans- I was recently given an opportunity to sign with Bruce Barone of World Media Partners, and I'm happy to say I took it. Bruce is an excellent manager/publicist/sounding board/guy poking me with a stick, and we already set to our first project together- developing a feature-length screenplay. I can't tell you much about it yet except that it's based on an unpublished work of mine. I can also tell you we're committed to not only getting the sucker made, but making it damn good. It's an exciting time right now.

The second part of this announcement is I'm looking to make a few waves on Amazon to coincide with this new chapter, and I want you guys to not only help me do it, but get something out of it in the process. That's why I'm having a one-day blitz tomorrow, where if you download my novel A Chemical Fire for 99 cents you can pick any other book I've published and get it absolutely free, in all e-book formats. All you have to do is buy it between noon and midnight on Thursday, 6/28, forward the receipt (or a screenshot, etc.) to the email address brian at bloodstreamcity dot com and tell me which book you want. That's it. If you've already read A Chemical Fire you just need to write a review on Amazon during that same time slot and email me the link. Technically that means you could get a free book without ever actually buying one, but I don't mind. The reviews are just as important as the sales if not more so. So really whether you participate in this event or not, feel free to slam Amazon with all your ACF reviews. It can be ten words long or a full dissertation, either one would be appreciated, and I love to hear what you guys have to say.

Here's the list of books you can choose from:

Kissing You is Like Trying to Punch a Ghost (novel)
The Mountain and The City Part II (serial)
The Mountain and The City Part III (serial)
The Mountain and The City Part IV (serial)
The Mountain and The City Part V (serial)