Monday, December 22, 2008


There’s a club downtown where the ghosts go, their movements trailing as they order Bloody Mary’s and toast to the coldness. Their eyes are clear as they laugh and draw diagrams of their deaths on the backs of napkins. Through the bathroom door you can hear crying, behind the bar the bottles are empty but you couldn’t cut a throat if you tried. The house band plays the same song again and again, a fast-moving number with a back beat that gets sadder every time you hear it. At the end of the night the bartender kicks everyone out and they fall through the floor, waiting in the rocks for happy hour to start.

Thursday, September 04, 2008


**updated to new version 12/22/08**

For two days I wait for my strength to come back while she goes through the motions with blankets and food. She feeds me soup made of cabbage, carrots, onions, turnips and celery because they’re made of mostly water and cellulose; fibers that don’t digest. When I reach for more she refuses, saying, “I know how much to feed you.” She spoons me little dribbles of the chunky, watery stuff and says, “This is a negative calorie food, it’s so low calorie your body burns more processing it than it gains.”

Food is chewed, the jaw muscles working, the tongue pushing, saliva beginning the breakdown of starches and turning it into a lump called the bolus. This is swallowed, the esophagus moving it down to the stomach through a squeezing, squishing process of peristalsis. Down in the stomach, acid is produced and mixed with the food before passing it to the small intestine where the gall bladder and pancreas send digestive juices, allowing the body to start absorbing the liquefied food. That continues on through the large intestine, until finally anything that isn’t absorbed is passed into the bladder and colon to be eliminated, of course, through the urinary tract and anus. All of this requires energy to perform.

“Metabolism is like a switch, with an on position and an off position.”

What she doesn’t understand is that seventy percent of human metabolism takes place in the basal metabolic rate, which is technical for staying alive. Twenty-five percent is exercise, leaving only five percent to thermogenesis, or the absorption and storing of calories. For all that work, the energy burn-off is relatively low.

“We can get rid of that stomach if you leave it up to me,” she says.

All the theories in the world fester in the absence of fact.

“Can you make out colors yet,” she asks and puts down the bowl to look through a magazine. Around us is a hangar filled with food and clothes stacked up to the ceiling. Rows of black-and-white family sizes wholesaled in plastic, sunflower seeds by the bucket and soaps by the dozens.

Like a clean pentagram we camp, surrounded by a circle of activated air fresheners. “You don’t want to know what the meat section smells like,” she says, “And I thought it was nasty at regular-sized places.”

“Is there a pharmacy here?”

“Of course.”

“Help me up.”

Past tomato sauce and chocolate powder, past the bakery dotted with gray-green breads, past tables of over-sized books and variety pack underwear, past rows guarded by the monoliths of this departed culture I find the pharmacy and tear through it. I know where to look and I know what I’m doing. I know milligrams and I want nothing else. Fuck everything but time-releases cheated on with splitting and crushing. Fuck the shriveled world like these displays of sitting fruit, this pathetic failed suicide stumbling and drooling with disappointed family.

I’m still pushing and throwing through bottles with a woman’s screams in my ears when everything kicks in and the sounds twist away, lost in the insulation of the compounds. I welcome the monster into my heart and let it tear as it wants to tear, burn and build and play in the black sand and shit of what this has become. I see only flashes, a scrapbook of what it wants me to see filled with photos of a new place built by broken things shove-assembled together, of fires lit and stamped, of arms coming up to defend.

Let the anger of the lost pour through me, the drowning of a billion destinies and plans, of legacies marching on and on into the brink of flame. Plans for babies and music and record keeping and record making. Let me put to rest the idea this was all going somewhere, let me sit at its grave and say everything’s square now. Let my fingers form revenge, and to hell with who I am.

Hours of this war pass.

When I’m seeing live again I’m marathon breathing and covered in cuts and blood in a rearranged place. I find Adena hiding behind the door of a plastic play set covered in motor oil and ripped cloth and she screams and pulls away from me, a look of murder witness in her eyes as I reassure and promise her but it does nothing.

It’s obvious there’s no going back now, so I find an axe and the door, putting the barricade back behind me and walking out through the putrid crowd and into a wind storm, all the time hacking, hacking, hacking.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Redox Signalling

We keep our eyes shut as we drive, with sweaty hands, heavy collars. The rogues in our body cavities bouncing in solvent cages as we claw at the wheel. The two of us, painting pictures of burning places over each others picture I.D.

Skin on our cheeks tightened, we close in. Blacktop oil drawn to the rain and heated past our tires, waxen slick as the claw palms of water walker spiders.

"When we meet it'll be on the corner of Fist Street and Blood Puddle Lane," you joke, and in your laugh there is an echo that will reach past the deaths of our children's children who will know, for once in their time, something real.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Vinyl For Glass

Break the beat of the gunshot
Clap clap fuzz
Five year ashes falling down and filtered out

Synthesizer punching ear to ear
Piano wrath slid to the teeth
Just a click to the world
And leave the nerve water behind

Thursday, May 15, 2008


The blade goes in slow as a kiss, her skin like wet paper with a pen across it. The ink seeps through her fibers a spreading flame taking secrets between them. Down to the ground, gentle, holding in close one more time. A deep voice whispering, “It was her.”

Sunday, May 11, 2008


In nervous fatalism he crept
pulling himself down the streets
looking for eyes to win over
and push in

When he found one old enough
and she lit up at him
his return smile meant
I'm sorry

Thursday, May 08, 2008


Across thick tableau the gray trees stood,
Arthritic spines carved in scars and
Blue-green canopies into
Filthy question marks.

Holding close the cold bodies and nests,
Designed of fallen pieces, with skills born to ancient brains
While the roots grabbed and spun, eating earth,
Squeezing water through arms painted in scape and bacterium.

The seeds fell, the petals sank, the wind with it's tongue in everything.

The man stood above them wearing anti-suit,
Whitened teeth auto-dialing his wife to electro-disappoint his kids.

Telling them he couldn't make it home,
Blaming it on traffic when all he wanted
Was one lousy handjob
From the shorter of the two masseuses.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Spider Queen, Carved in Neon

Fighting squalor to the faller, meningitis hooks breathe deep to the sea in no time. Bring the light to the dust of the child, flailing in brothers. Mincing worms to bring new rain. Planets cracked to eggs, dirt forming around the edges to show where the ghosts have brushed against. He sets a flame to rest, the knowledge, the schooling of a warmer time to sizes and sixes. Gas stations closing in like metal teeth, gasoline spit onto gasoline. When night bleeds it bleeds insects, when daylight bleeds it pretends not to. When the avalanche comes, make sure to shine. If you can't shine, make sure no one survives. A woman came from the ground and spit out moss. A man telling a story said, "When it ran it ran higher, into the sky, across the snow and into hieroglyphs. Caged and curious, we all sang to it and made sure it felt the way we felt right before we died. It should know, language or not, it should know that this is a lie and no one was ever born and nothing can kill what never lived." Files reviewed, there was no mouth and so no rape. The bandages cleared blame, detectors fit to the teeth and parades calling down knife rain. Winter fucked Summer, that's why they Fall. Winter fucked Summer, that's why they Fall. Spring watched like watch springs, lending eyes to the essay. When they said to show all work, he ripped out his skeleton and they laughed all the way to offices. If paper could catch it all it wouldn't be worth keeping around. Dance step murder. Two-timing swords of afterbirth, bags of powder to twitch in. His fists shit wrists. Mother of God. Madre de Dio, sus punos mierda munecas. Mirror-vomit translated and trial-sized children. If the gun doesn't know, I wouldn't go telling.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


If I formed a band, I'd want people to describe it as "Imagine an electrical fire being being put out by an old boxer, but the extinguisher is filled with pig's blood." These people would have never met each other, that would be the thought that occurred to them individually.

At least one album review would have to contain the line "...the sound of a couple breaking up in a pile of bones and mice."

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Response Track

This started as a response to Steve's last blog post ( title: "objects downstream propagate upstream").

Looking back on old writing, especially from when you were younger, just sucks. Buried on my old angelfire site is something called "discollection" which is essentially this big pile of shit that I amassed over a long period of time. It's complete garbage, and it's completely embarrassing. I keep it up though, I don't know why. I think it's a reminder to myself: don't ever, ever suck that bad again.

However, it's where I came from and I wouldn't be here without having been there. In that respect, on my computer I have my short stories in two major folders. They're titled "When I was a worm" and "Now I got my wings". Aside from being a really outdated Manson quote, they serve as a way to hold onto my past, while also knowing that it's in an entirely different category than what I do now.

As far as writing for your peers and heroes, I feel exactly the same way, to the word. On the one hand I miss the pure feeling of being thirteen and writing only for me; on the other hand, my peers and heroes are my peers and heroes because of their quality, and holding myself up to them isn't such a bad idea.

Dealing with confidence in art is a bitch. The reason we're doing it in the first place owes to some defect in our programming, and yet we have to get past those very defects to express them. Sometimes I think I have some kind of ability and talent, and then I go back and read and say "God, this was way better when it was all in my head."

I'm coming to the point where I want to share what I'm writing right now with someone for feedback, but I'm scared I'll lose momentum, or I'm scared that the beginning parts were written so long ago that they need to be redone before anyone sees them. And to, say, omit that beginning stuff for review, would mean the rest of the story wouldn't make sense. It's gonna be a long time before the whole thing is done, and I don't know if I can wait that long.

Delayed gratification is the worst part of creation. And it's not art until someone sees it.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

In Robbery

His head lay on the ground,
His house unwatched
The strain filling his eyes up to burst

The leaves killed each other,
One by one
Just to cover him up

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Hypodermics in the Sea Foam

These things tend to accumulate without homes further than files in folders. Might as well get them out.

-I wish N*Sync had gone out with one final album, called “Spit On My Dick”, and promoted the shit out of it.

-Supposedly there’s a video in which a guy sings the “Terminator” theme song while slowly, slowly raising a shotgun to his mouth. He pulls the trigger just a few notes into the part with the horns. The video is called “Possibly The Funniest Thing Fucking Ever”.

-When people ask me if I think Beyonce’ was good in Dreamgirls, I tell them no. But I don’t think they’re ready for that jelly.

-My grandfather used to say “I’ve never met a man I didn’t meet.” However he also used to call teardrops “Kid Lube”, so it’s not that cute.

-I don’t think I got the job. During the personality test they asked me if I thought rape was the same as murder. My answer was, “Did she enjoy it?"

-Best way to get rid of homeless people: yell "Get out of here, you GHOST."

-"I don't think we should be friends anymore. But hey, here's a t-shirt, thanks for comin' out."

Monday, January 14, 2008


Under feet built of echoes the dead town sags, dreading and melting under the strain of the ages. Building down to the Hell of the Earth, breaking down in distances of half-lives and termites.

I feel my fingers across the brick, the tempered pieces holding back the tests of rain and wind. Holding in the insectae, the pupae of evolving beasts cowering in the cold of the hidden side. Bugs that fuck and birth until something is born different and better. Something to reign.

I walk around puddles now. All the breakdown means more than anti-freeze and dust. It’s skin, it’s polymers. The Age of Rot Resistance, one and all. What burns will burn as rain, what doesn’t will know ancestors of the next keepers.

Something shifts in the day and I finger the trigger. Turn everything into sound, wait and hear and decipher the Morse code of the dead. All that’s left now is hands and guns, and sex is both. The sound passes, the moment gone, and I put her back to sleep in my pocket.

The glass goes to sound, spraying the floor. Again I listen and then I step. A crowd of cigarettes watches, a pool of tickets and gum. Like most now the air inside is damp with things rotting and growing. Expiration dates like lame jokes. Shelves hiding abandoned nests, room corners made of animal shit and seed husks. I get behind the counter and collect foods. Beef jerky and pistachios first, the proteins, and then the breads and such.

When I bend down footsteps shuffle-step past the store. I sweat pills and canned fishes. A sour smell moves through the hairs and sinuses and I wait seven full before I even scratch. Ten and I move, onto the bottled water and beer. The pack feels better now, heavier but not excessive because pounds equal seconds when you’re running hard.

All this because the Fire Realm didn’t want me.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


The book of vanishing people said: "His story started with bones," as the avenues of Manhattan collapsed into flooded subway tunnels and turned back into rivers. Rivers the otters could reclaim.

Speaking of such a thing, the woman smiled and said: "My bones are going to Hell in a handcart." Her body-frame light with laughter and degenerative loss in swiss cheese and honeycomb patterns.

And a Father, sitting in a cabin, preferred the sound of shifting wood to the voice of his wife.