Monday, May 30, 2016

Hot Dirt

The third book in The Obscured series is out! It's called Hot Dirt, as the last update said it would be, and it's available on Kindle as of this moment and paperback very soon. I won't bother you with an update when that happens, but if you check that Amazon link again in a week or so it should pop up. Here's the description:

No one goes to the desert to be found.

Liam Cain is the biggest, meanest guy you'd ever want to run into in a dark alley. He's also good at one thing, and that thing happens to be killing people. And like they say, if you're good at something, never do it for free.

When a job for the German mafia goes south, Cain has no choice but to skip town and find a new place to call home. But in a tiny, unknown town in the middle of the desert, he finds more than he bargained for when a woman's body turns up in his trailer. Cain finds himself in the middle of a fight between two, ancient enemies, and a search for a secret long buried in the sand.

It's a good thing Cain has a few secrets of his own.

Some other news. First, I was interviewed by the editor of Horror Metal Sounds, a site which you've probably already guessed what they're all about. It was a great experience, and we talked about a few of my books as well as all things horror. It's a good read, so go check it out.

Also exciting, I've started a partnership with Tapas, the leading Indie comic app which serves up bite-sized content. They recently branched into books, so I've teamed up with the people behind it to offer most of my books through their format. A Chemical Fire is already available, and very soon The Obscured series will be added along with a few others. I'm a big fan of their app, so my stuff aside I totally recommend downloading it.

That's all. Here's to a great summer.