Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pushpull Fascinations

They shake their heat all over us,
Lost in their liquor shimmy
To the pulsing, to the
Dwindling wick of fornication
Retro Disco Figurines with Realistic Grinding Action

We stand as land-locked lovers at the
Center of their sweaty sea just
Watching, just
Stage-facing, just
Hugging tight against the Dancestorm

Needful nuclei with
Bonded cell membranes
Refusing to split
"This has always been my rhythm leg."


.steve said...

i'm glad you have the tolerance to write something creative about your show-going experience. my newest idea for that has been trying to design a shirt that looks worn across the solarplexis area from my arms being crossed there for so long with the slogan FUCK YOUR BAND emblazoned across my chest.

it's coming once i figure out the wear pattern of inner forearm.

Brian Martinez said...

It's a good idea and it could totally work. It may not look as good, but I think the clearest way of getting that across would be instead of wear marks do dotted lines in the shape of crossed arms/fists across the chest, like scissor lines, and in small letters have it read: "Cross Arms Here".