Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Book in Titles Only

The Chainsaw Handshake

Chapter 1: Nosegreaser
Chapter 2: The Social Circles of Power Plugs
Chapter 3: If Your Mother Was Alive to See This
Chapter 4: Gestation in Germany
Chapter 5: Trigger: Finger
Chapter 6: Awash with Discourse
Chapter 7: When Chorus Girls Malfunction
Chapter 8: The Ink from a Printer Runs Through Him Now
Chapter 9: A Warm Blanket; A Cancer on the Evening Wind
Chapter 10: Mixerfixer
Chapter 11: House-guests of the Devil Proper
Chapter 12: Time Zones Used to Mean Something Around Here
Chapter 13: Enter Now The Bludgeoner
Chapter 14: An Ungrateful Pulp
Chapter 15: The Prevailing Wound

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